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Visit to Monets Gardens in Giverny

July 9, 2015

What a perfect thing to do and see in summer. 7 full time gardeners you say!! I look forward to seeing your future inspirations from Monet.

judy Alexanders' Art

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to France. I have had a visit to Monet’s garden on my bucket list for years and it sure didn’t disappoint. Wow is all I can say. I can see why he had seven full time gardeners. There were acres of flowers and then you came to those famous water lilies. They were the most exciting for me. The small lake was full of them in bloom and there was two bridges he painted. Yes it was crowded but not problematic. We were there in the heat wave hitting the UK and Europe but the lake was surrounded by forrest so the heat wasn’t a problem. I am so excited by  this beauty of Giverny that I am going to do a series of oil paintings using some of my photos as inspiration. Stay tuned in the future to see the results…

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