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The Art Journey is More Important than Arrival..Guest Blogger: Catherine Sloan

September 4, 2017

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Exhibition (Gladiolas) Blog #3 in a series

I have always believed that the journey is more important than arriving at the final destination. Prior to the Level 3 Art and Design program, my journey had included work in the area of tapestry, weaving, quilting, and photography. This program has encouraged me to keep a journal of my work, has provided me with valuable skills in using other media, and has shown me a process to enhance design elements and incorporate them into art works.

Through this journey, I have also learned much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes especially as they relate to approaching an art or design project. 

The works in this show reflect experimentation with design themes in various media with a focus on the use of colour, line and shape. 

Why Are You Doing This Art? Guest Blogger: Carol Lawrence

August 29, 2017

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – exhibition (Gladiola) blog #2 in a series

People ask:
               Why are you doing this?
               Where will you display your work?
               Can you sell it?

Why do I paint?
              I could say it’s fun.
               I could say I have a passion for color.
               I could say I have a fascination with line.

But, the reality is, it feeds my soul.

Studies in Art and Design Exhibition

August 27, 2017

Studies in Art and Design 301 Exhibition (Gladiola) Blog 1 in a series

On Tuesday, 6 Level 3 Art and Design students travelled from Canada and other areas in the States to the studio in la Conner Wa.  This is the last of 8 – 5 day sessions. Artwork went up on the walls and the studio was prepared for a showing. Colorful Sketchbooks with hand designed covers were laid out on tables. I am leaving out all the agonizing things like accurate measuring, cutting mat boards etc. that took us 4 complete days.  Today is the first day of their exhibit.  You can still make it tomorrow Aug. 6th from 11 to 4 to see how wonderful everything looks.  Each student will present a blog for the next 6 blogs. Here are a few photos….  Gail Harker

Birds, Bugs and Beasts, an Inspirational Art Theme …Guest Blogger: Susan Sasnett

August 26, 2017

Level 4 Studies in Stitch and Multi – Media ( Turquoise) blog 6, the last in this series. This group of 5 students will be showing the entire exhibit plus additional art pieces, (more than on the blog) at the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum in La Conner from October 11th to Dec. 30th.   You won’t want to miss it. Gail Harker

Susan Sasnett’s Blog – When I first discovered Gail’s classes I didn’t think there was any way that I could attend a 2 year long class much less be a diploma student but here I am at the brink of completing my Diploma Level.   I have learned so many techniques and principals of art and design over the years.  More importantly I have learned to be an artist: working with an inspirational theme, developing my artist eye and developing the discipline of going to my art space every day.  Since knitting through high school I always have something creative going on in my hands but after Gail’s classes I have the tools and understanding to follow my creative passion to deeper and even more satisfactory levels.  For the past four years my inspiration theme has been Birds, Bugs and Beasts.  For this class I focused primarily on bird caricatures.  I am particularly interested in animal shapes and how the division of space is created within that shape.  I see endless possibilities for how to fill those spaces and continued exploration of my theme.  Thank you Gail and Penny for being my guide by my side, I will be forever grateful.

Stitch Art That Satisfies My Soul – Guest Blogger: Marie Plakos

August 18, 2017

I am a fiber artist and a photographer.   My fiber work includes using experimental materials, unique techniques, as well as traditional stitch in contemporary ways. I travel the world for photography and use my own photographs as inspiration for my fiber and stitch designs.

Photographing women around the world has drawn me to my current fiber work.  I see the beauty and strength of many women who live in adverse conditions.  Their handwork, use of color and design, speaks to the artist in me in every way.

My years of study with Gail Harker have given me the skills I needed to produce works of stitch art that satisfy my soul.


Create Outside the Box…Guest Blogger – Terri Shinn

August 13, 2017

Level 4 Studies in Stitch and Multi – Media (Turquoise)  Blog 4 in this series.

My inspiration for the last four years has been a study mostly of roots, rocks and the underground.  Trying to challenge myself to see how broad the underground theme could be, I ended up with research which may well lead to many different series.  Experimentation, learning to see, think, and create outside the box has given my work significantly more breadth and depth. Meeting, then bonding with many supportive wonderful people throughout these past eleven years has been a gift of a lifetime.

To see more of Terri’s Underground Art in a past blog click here.  






Learning Has Been a Life Long Habit…Guest Blogger – Isabel Parker

August 5, 2017

Level 4 Studies in Stitch and Multi-media (Turquoise) Blog 3 in this  series.

My formal schooling did not include any art courses so I started at the Gail Harker Centre for Creative Arts with almost no background of knowledge in the subject.  I think I even failed glue that first year!    But Gail is a fabulous teacher and was able to educate, encourage and challenge me to the point that, in spite of myself, I was producing art.   What a revelation!

With the help of Gail’s wonderful assistant, Penny Peters, and the support of my classmates, I have persevered through the last nine years to get here.  It feels amazing to have finally gained my Diploma in Experimental Stitch and Multi-Media.

As the end of my course work approached I realized that I would never actually be finished.  Learning has been a life-long habit for me and I don’t see it being over just because my course work is done.  Gail and Penny have given me the basis upon which to develop my artwork and I look forward to experimenting with further themed studies in stitch. 

Taking these courses over so many years with Gail Harker has been a life changing experience.  If I knew how wonderfully fulfilling it was, I would have signed up years earlier!  If you are considering taking any courses, stop debating and do it.  You will never regret it!   Isabel Parker

Isabel took historical fashion Inspirations for her art theme and particularly enjoyed flowers and patterns. To see more of Isabel’s Research for Art and Design, have a look at one of her earlier blogs  by clicking on this link or place her name in the Search box on the right. Gail




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