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Imagine, I Have the Ability to Create Art… Guest Blogger: Rhonda Papiernik

October 9, 2017

Studies in Art and Design 301 – Exhibition – Class name: Gladiola –  Blog 7 and last in the series.

When I first met Gail, I was a confirmed crafter.  I had done crochet, knitting, hand and machine embroidery, crewel work, cross stitch, rug hooking, sewing, quilting, hundreds of different craft projects, stained glass work, flower arranging, bits and pieces of so many different things. I prided myself on being able to do almost any ‘craft’ that someone else created and perhaps explore the boundaries a bit and create something that was the same idea but somewhat my own.  I enrolled in my first one week class with Gail because a friend was doing it and I thought it might be fun.  Well, almost immediately, Gail began to tell me that I had the ability to create art. Imagine!! Almost 4 years later, I have produced a few hundred samples, experimented with mediums that I had never heard of previously and created some pieces that I, humbly, would call original art. The idea that I actually have the ability to take a thought or concept from the beginning stage of just having a spark of an idea through the process of refining it, stretching it, playing with it and ending up with a final piece has been a revelation. The support of Gail and my fellow Gladiola’s has been a consistent joy as we encouraged and gently pushed each other along our different pathways.  I’m looking forward to using the concepts that I’ve learned in this course in exploring some fabric art and perhaps making a few art quilts in the near future until I have enough vacation time for another class.

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  1. October 9, 2017 9:04 pm

    Congratulations! Your work is wonderful and inspiring.

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