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Art has Lifted Me Up and Made Me Whole….Guest Blogger: Marilyn Pitman Waite

October 1, 2017

Studies in Art and Design 301 exhibition (Gladiola) Blog #6 in a series

Learning Never Stops – Art has been my lifeline for the last 25 years.  It has lifted me up and has made me whole.  My main medium was sculpting, primarily marble and clay of the earth. In acclimating to the Pacific NW, I serendipitously found new art mediums. One of them was a return to stitch in a new way. And then I found Gail Harker’s Creative Art Center where my development of my art has continued! I’ve been able to converse with and interact with art elements with time and space to learn new techniques and explore them in an in-depth way.

Line has taken me on a journey to stripes.  I’ve revisited the pre-historic lines in the caves in France, Persia and Africa to the present day of a “stripe war” between Gucci vs. Forever 21!

Stripes have opened my eyes to its use of “stripe only” by a number of 20th century artists and a more thorough study of Matisse, looking at his patterns and stripes as background.  Years ago I took a trip to France; the focus of my trip was to see The Chapelle du Rosaire, in Vence.  I experience his whole creativity then and this year immersed myself using my catalogue and other sources to “see” this work in a new way.

Studying techniques led me to uncover and experiment on small samples and this I have incorporated into my art practice. With these samples as a guide I will begin to explore stitch in the same way.

To paraphrase Paul Klee, my striped lines took me on a journey that will last me forever.



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  1. October 2, 2017 11:06 pm

    Stripes are so intriguing, aren’t they?

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