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Looking at Green

February 24, 2017

I am met with an exhilarating rush of excitement at seeing the lush, bright green fields below me when coming in for landings at Heathrow Airport.  I can still hear the sound of the lowering ailerons  on the plane as we approach the runway. That sound also enhances my own symbolic image of GREEN. 

GREEN that changes from yellow green corn fields to emerald blue water. Green that has orange, red, purple, white or grey accompanying it. Green that is so pale that you can barely see it to a rich deep blackish green that envelopes like a forest. We humans are able to see more colors and values of Green then any other color.

There are ever so many symbolic association stories that accompany green.  For example : emerald green pigment was made from verdigris and copper arsenite – a deadly poison used for painting and wallpaper in the 1800s. It was said that the noxious fumes from the green wallpaper in Napolean Bonaparte’s, St. Helena home caused his death. Read more if you like interesting diversions. Although this is interesting, it doesn’t tell me anything about how I feel about the color GREEN. The story above does. What is your personal association with Green?   Gail Harker

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