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Lively Winter Colors

December 9, 2016

It is cold, wet and dark outside. It is, after all, December – the month that we crave light and color.  Level 1 Color students and I just spent 5 energizing days in the studio painting with color.  Yielding our paintbrushes along with Golden Acrylic Fluid Colors and 93 lb. Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbooks, we set to work filling pages full of color wheels, scales and fantastical color schemes. These sketchbooks will become inspirational source material for future endeavours and also serve to inspire.  Here is a color scheme of yellow–green, red-violet, red – orange and blue-green that we all did in class.. Doesn’t  each scheme look different when paint proportions are varied and paint is thin or thick?   Gail Harker

Dates for the next level 1 Art and Design Color Studies at the studio are 26 -30th of April, 2017. Have a look at our special seasonal offer on this course:

link to our next online Level 1 Art and Design Color Studies Course.

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    Sharing this post to add a little inspiration to your days! Gail’s courses are always so inspirational, and right now, there is a really amazing discount on some of them!

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