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Color by Design is Illuminating

July 2, 2016

Color by accident can be fun but color by design is illuminating. This past week seven students ( Lisianthus) gathered at our studio for 5 days to begin a new  Level 2 Studies in Design and Experimental Stitch Course.  Another, who is away this time will join us for session 2.  Penny and I prepped the studio for their arrival by preparing Procion MX dyes, organizing containers and new materials for students to work with.  I plan the room setup so students can have a maximum of individual space for the activity that is happening. This time they had 1  1/2 tables each in the Wet Room plus 2 large high tables to share and 1 table each in the Needlework Room. As we have a quantity of fabrics and threads to dry, we have to think and plan ahead.  Students are working with color theory to dye fabrics and threads.  Creating a small supply of  color schemes using various hues, tints and shades for fabrics and threads is  important to the development of this art form.  Many of these materials will be used in future sessions as we work with stitches, techniques and projects. The dyeing days are  very process oriented and tiring but so satisfying as the colors reveal themselves.  We started to stitch and work on fabric collages on day 4. These works are in progress and haven’t been shown in this blog. The session ended yesterday and we shall meet again in early October for session 2 to do a Historical Study on Kantha embroidery, draw and paint in sketchbooks and also to learn new stitches and techniques. Here’s a link to level 1 hand Stitch that provides a taste of  this course.    Gail Harker

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  1. July 5, 2016 5:19 pm

    Brings back fond memories 🙂

  2. Barbara Fox permalink
    July 7, 2016 8:50 pm

    Yes, fond memories here too. And oh, the glorious color!

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