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“What is it for?” or: Sketching at the Felting Table

May 1, 2016

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about felting and exploration. Exploration and thought process are so important to artists. This class has past but we will look forward to your next class at the studio. Gail

The Best of It

I’m often asked, when demonstrating feltmaking, what a piece is for.

“What will you do with it?” Sometimes I can answer specifically that a piece is meant to hang on a wall, but more often I open up a real can of worms with my answers to folks who may not be familiar with how a design process such as this works.

If what they’re asking about is a felt ball with stitching on it, or a piece of flat felt with colors and fibers moving across the surface, I could say that it’s “just a sample,” but if that is my answer, there is no frame of reference for real understanding there.

I need to help the person asking the question to visualize how a stitched ball could become a piece of fruit on a tree, or be used as a bead or a button on a larger piece…

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  1. Penny Peters permalink
    May 2, 2016 2:24 am


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