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Five Days of an Art and Design Course

January 24, 2016


Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Class name: Gladiola

Last week a group of Canadian and American students came to the studio for 2 of 8 sessions for Art and Design. Each session there is a new subject. Each session builds upon the last.  This time we were working with the design elements of shapes and spaces, how to make interesting shapes and  how to make simple designs of pleasing composition using colored pencils and felt pens. The application of marks and color on paper can take on many styles and appearances depending on how the tools are used.  We used the theme of circles to play and build designs in sketchbooks (art journals). 

One day at lunchtime, we had a short break to visit The La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum., just 5 minutes from our studio at the Barn.  We looked at a colorful old Crazy Quilt, made lovingly by Sarah Brien in 1885, hand quilting by Donna Hanson Eines and on the 3rd floor saw an exhibit by the Whidbey Island Surface Design Association. The interior of the Museum is feeling really spacious as they have made some wonderful changes to better show off the textiles.  Then it was back to the studio to continue working with new design skills. The Gladiola will meet here again in 3 months time for session 3.  

Here is a link for a short weekend course at our studio in Feb. titled:  Start an Art Journal  that is available for anyone to attend.   Gail Harker  All photography ©Gail Harker 


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