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Gold Threads Shine and Sparkle

December 12, 2015

In October Penny Peters and I  held a new, two day Gold Work class here at Barn House. You may wonder why Gold Work  still excites people today.  Years ago, and I do mean many years ago – beyond biblical times – Gold Work was created for those who could afford the materials.   Royal and regal garments were made for royalty and officials in the Church.  Light shone on the gold in a way that no other material could duplicate.  Today all types of people like to work with gold threads because they can and because it is a challenge to make contemporary designs from these unique threads.  The gold threads are usually ( not always) made from a silk core that has finely beaten gold strips wrapped around it.  The gold threads can not usually be stitched through the fabric but need to be couched to a fabric surface using another type of thread. The word couched originates from the French word – coucher – to lay down. Some of the couching patterns have traditionally been used for centuries and are incredibly beautiful.  This thread is not the only material that is used in Gold Work, there is an amazingly long list of unique wires and threads. Our 2 day class started with small steps in getting to know some of the  materials, handling them and how to stitch with the couching patterns.  We have a whole series of continuing two day classes of Gold Work  planned for 2016. Have a look.  Gail

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  1. Penny Peters permalink
    December 15, 2015 1:10 am

    Those of you who missed the first two days of Intro to Gold Work still have a chance to experience working with metal thread embroidery. Check out our new classes beginning in February 2016!

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