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Breaking Out of the Box with Texture and Color…Guest Blogger – Margaret Folsom

July 26, 2015

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Calendula Exhibition

Level 3 has helped me tremendously to break out of the box I have been in for years.  I grew up with a pencil in my hand from age 4.  There was hardly a paper space (and alas wall space) that was not taken up with pencil doodles.  I haven’t had trouble drawing things with pencil so have wanted to break loose and try color.  Over the years I have tried – block printing, silkscreen, pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, crayons and acrylics.  Unfortunately I tried to use them as I do pencils and the results were pretty bad.  This course has introduced me to so many new techniques I have loved working and learning about; at least most of them.  I must be allergic to scissors so collage was not my favorite.  Also my bird would fly over the paper pieces, which flew away and made interesting patterns on the floor.  I am inspired by the 3D effects one can get with Golden molding pastes and the infinite number of things one can add for texture and color.  My favorite work is of a beach using cheesecloth, egg shells, a variety of colors and textured with sand and glass beads.  I will certainly use these in the future.   Margaret

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  1. Penny Peters permalink
    July 26, 2015 4:11 am

    Your drawings are beautiful and the bird on your head is such a delightful surprise. Congratulations!

  2. July 27, 2015 11:06 pm

    What wonderful bird images you have created!

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