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Silhouettes in a regency Mansion

September 16, 2014

It was great to see you at our Center here in La Conner Washington this summer. Thanks for permission to share Silhouettes in a Regency Mansion in Brighton. Gail

judy Alexanders' Art

Today I enjoyed a at the regency house in Brighton on silhouettes which were all the rage in regency times. We were shown two machine used in past times to help produce these lovely pieces. They were also painted as well as cut out of card stock. Hand in hand with the silhouettes was a stunning show of regency high fashion gowns with corresponding silhouettes to go with them.
When photography was discovered and developed, the silhouette drawing was no longer used to make inexpensive photographs for the rich as well as the masses. All in all, it was an educational day looking into paper and fashion art in regency times.





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