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Wired for Action

May 19, 2014

Small wired container© Marilyn Moore

Marilyn Moore spent 4 days at Barn House with students,  working with wire of many gauges and unique ways to burn and manipulate them.   What an experience it was for our students to learn from her.  Such a wealth of knowledge and information. She shared with me that she had always sewn, starting with doll clothes and then moving on over the intervening years to baskets. While in university she honed her art with wire as a thread. This simple description of her does not come close to describing her talent and ability for her artwork.   She showed us pictures of her many wire tea pots which were so stunningly beautiful.  She brought  exquisite small containers made from wire and beads to show so many ways to use the materials. One of her small baskets was inspired from a Teneriffe lace pattern that is worked with needle weaving.     Happy students left this afternoon, brimming full of new techniques and ideas.  Thanks Marilyn.     Have a look at the slideshow.           Gail

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