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Machine Stitching … An Artful Exploration

January 16, 2014

 Painting fabrics begins the creative process. Colors intermingle and mix, revealing lines and textures. We paint to get more than just nice colors but to understand the messages that can be told through the medium of color itself.  We stitch, not to recreate the perfect stitch but to create a line, mark or textural quality to express the essence of an idea, mood or thought. This 5 day Level 1 course focuses not only on the exploration of the stitches and techniques but of the art of the stitch. Students leave with a thorough understanding of their sewing machine’s capabilities. Start your journey, as a beginner or at any level, in our Experimental Machine Stitch Course, 29 Jan – 2 Feb. 2014. Click here to see our webpage about the course, view the brochure, and while on that webpage, be sure to scroll down and click on “Learn more about Experimental Machine Stitch 101” to see an expanded description of the course.  More Posts about Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch:

The Sewing Machine Needle as Designer’s ToolStitching with Hare or Tortiose SettingMachine Embroiderers Get a song!!!Drawing with Machine StitchesLevel 1 Certificates Awarded in MayA Resource of Machined Possibilities 

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