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Enraptured with Isabelle De Borchgrave……Guest Blogger: Maria Patrizzi

January 7, 2014

Those who are enraptured with fiber and art absolutely have to go to the Bellevue Art Museums show (in Seattle) of Isabelle De Borchgrave meets Mariano Fortuny, “a world of paper, a world of fashion”. (Until February 16). 

It truly blew me away. The detail. The colors. The patterns & textures. And the sheer amount of work done! Not only were the fashions beautiful, they were sumptuous, an enrapture, so much so you wanted to live in that world.

The vignettes especially captured me, scenes of North Africa done in paper. Pillows and backdrops in painted, cut paper with tiny shoes you wanted to try on…I’m telling you, the guard followed me around, as he knew I so wanted to touch it all!! The scene of her work, with hanging scissors, brush, etc., and the paper fiber source- that made it personal. It was a show that made me cry, because it was so, so beautiful.

Photos were not allowed, and the book is sold out, so just go! Make the trip if you are interested in surface design, fashion, paper, or even sculpture. It’s so worth it!


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  1. Barbara Fox permalink
    January 7, 2014 5:33 am

    Thanks for sharing this info on the blog Maria. Love hearing about exhibits that are worth seeing and pertain to surface design. I’ll have to get over there to see it.

  2. January 7, 2014 7:21 am

    Looks amazing Gail

  3. Diane Mularz permalink
    January 7, 2014 2:30 pm

    I saw this exhibit at the Hillwood Museum in Washington DC last year – it is truly fabulous and inspiring.

  4. January 7, 2014 8:03 pm

    Very inspiring, thanks for posting Gail Harken!

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