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In Contact with Nature…..Guest Blogger – Elisa Miller

December 18, 2013

Level 4 Experimental Research for Advanced Design – Elisa Miller

I chose Nature’s way of attachment and detachment for a design theme  because I live close to nature.  Every day I can be in contact with nature, see, learn, etc.

My personal approach after I see something I like visually – is to try to understand what is going on.  For instance, why is the knot still attached when the whole stump is in decay? I enjoy the very detail of knowing how nature works.  I remember learning how the silk on an ear of corn works – each strand of silk creates ONE kernel on the ear of corn. I then remember the silk strands, how they flow, they are so beautiful and graceful and that inhabits my world when I am designing.

Thanks to Elisa for showing her work on the blog.  You can click the pause button at the bottom of the picture to be able to read some of the text more easily.  The description of her work is from her research statement. She completed this course in March 2010 – Gail

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