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A Visceral Effect through Geomorphology

November 7, 2013

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Last month we had an exhibition titled For the Love of Books.  Janine Hunt brought us a number of books and items for display that were used for her Research for Design – London City & Guilds project at our center a few years back. Her study was focused on Geomorphology. Geomorphology is the study of the changing surface of the earth. The textural quality of her work is very powerful. Viewers who came to the exhibit were mesmerized. Thank you to Janine for sharing a small part of her project work for our bloggers. Here is a brief description from Janine about her artwork and its evolution.

I wanted to continue to find ways to actually create many types of textural surfaces.  Being there in person was entirely different than looking at a book as it was a much more visceral experience. I explored rock surfaces, petroglyphs and fossils, (mainly ammonites) and worked with texture but also some pattern, shape, line and color. I went thru some of the American national and State Parks in Utah where I looked at rocks – geomorphology at its best.  I looked at an amazing array of rock that had been changed by wind, water, gravity and time. Many were like cliffs or standing monoliths that you can drive or walk around. The colors ranged from sand, greens, corals, ochres, greys, yellows, blacks and intense rust reds in eroded stratas. Looking from above I could see an entire landscape and canyons of rock formations. There were also fabulous petroglyphs in this area. Here are some of the media and methods used to explore my subject: Acrylic paints, glass paints, tub caulking, puff paint, wall spackle, glues, heavy gel mediums, molding paste, pumice gel, impressions with forms and stitchery to create relief.    Janine Hunt

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