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For the Love of Books

October 9, 2013

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We love books. Whether intended to contain a story, organize information, or chronicle our private thoughts books hold a magic all their own. The book is a repository for  thoughts and visions alike. From the simple journal, or sketchbook, to the cutting edge Art Book, every book conveys a story.

Learning to create books is a useful and inspiring endeavor. Many of Gail’s courses have, and continue to, include making books.  Books are sometimes created as learning tools, as useful ways to compile and present a collection of information, and frequently as assessment pieces based on the students’ selection of a theme to work with.

The 149 books on display this weekend, Oct. 4 to 7th, 2013  have been created by 39 students during their courses at the center. Work from the following courses were on display:

· Level 1 Experimental Hand Stitch

  • Level 2 Studies in Design, Machine and Hand Stitch
  • Level 3 Studies in Art and Design
  • Level 3 Advanced Experimental Stitch
  • Level 4 Research for Advanced Design
  • Level 4 Studies in Experimental Stitch and Multi-media

Specialty courses with Guest Tutors like Martha Cole and Chad Alice Hagen provide additional expertise and creativity in the art of book making. Information about special interest courses in bookmaking can be found at our website:

Book artists:  Mary-Ann Acutt-Carlton, Marcia Anop- Romashko, Margie Bachert, Wanda Costura, Helen Custer, Barbara Bland, Dianne Corso, Maura Donegan, Donna Dowdney, Barbara Gilbert, Anne Louise Gillilan, Chris Goldburn, Cathy Jo Hall, Carys Hamer, Lisa Harkins, Annie Hunt, Janine Hunt, Linda Ingham, Claire Jones, Margaret Joseph, Martha Kleihege, Moira Kloster, Susan Lenarz, Gwen Lowery, Anita Luvera Mayer, Wendy MacKinnon, Karen Nelson, Pauline Oakey, Isabel Parker, Penny Peters, Alba Romero Margaret Phillips, Marie Plakos, Sylvia Polk, Susan Sasnett, Terri Shinn, June Steegstra, Jill Taylor, Maria Winner

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  1. October 9, 2013 11:46 pm

    The books were so inspiring. Thank you for a wonderful exhibit!

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