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Right Brain, Left Brain…… Journey through Art and Design

September 26, 2013

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Calendula

This is the first session of 8 that the Calendulas met at the studio to begin the magical journey through design. Thank you ladies for allowing me to take your photos.  We were working on the aspects of color and line – 2 of the elements of design. It is really exciting to explore so many areas that make up components of design.  It is such a creative process that grows richer with time and process. Some of the students who come here have already had multi- faceted careers with many successes behind them.  Some people are also working full time at jobs.  They are ready to change gears, move from left brain to right brain, right brain to left brain or whatever it takes to conquer the elements of design.  Working so hard makes it especially important to stop and enjoy the art of cooking.  Don made us two special treats: brownie pudding (no picture) and blueberry pie.  Thank you ladies, nobody said, I’m on a diet.  After 5 days, everyone left – back to various parts of 2 countries and  back to their other lives.  Homework begins the day that they leave.  But oh such pleasurable homework.  We all meet again for Session 2 in about 3 months. Stay tuned.    Gail

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