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The Sewing Machine Needle as Designer’s Tool

September 21, 2013

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September classes started with a bang this year with eleven American and Canadian ladies at Barn House for Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch (Honesty).  People came from Alaska, New Mexico and places in between. On the first day we started off in the Paint room to paint a variety of fabrics specifically for the samples. The next morning everyone came in to a room filled with the vibrant colored fabrics that had dried overnight. People learned a lot about their sewing machine as we put the machines through their paces. Some machines decided to act up but there were replacement machines waiting in the wings. We kept on sewing and sewing. I told them about the first sewing machines and the union strike in Canada over the humble sewing machine. We laughed about machine myths and legends. At the end of 5 days, each person completed a binder of samples with a long list of other things that could be done. The stitched samples were like miniature works of art. Many people realized that they had discovered a new machine for creating original artwork. June Steegstra usually works with me during machine courses but she is recovering from an illness.  I hope you are feeling better, June.  You missed out on some  mysterious machine happenings. Linda Ingham filled in and did a great job. Thank you Linda.  The ladies are still talking about the neck massages you gave them at their sewing machines.  You can read more about the next course in January 2014 by clicking here.       Gail


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