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The Ballad of Harker’s Gang

August 11, 2013

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Level 3 Studies in Art and Design
There is an exhibition at our center this weekend. Have a look at the Level 3 design group’s exhibition brochure by clicking on it.

The Ballad of Harker’s Gang – Wanda Costuros

The ragtag team rode into town
One dark November morn.
From separate paths, the six rode in
And the Harker gang was born.
Their aim – to conquer design rules
And show those rules their scorn.

South, three rode from snow-topped peaks.
Three, rode north from white-tipped waves.
They came from sturdy, willful stock;
The mighty six – so brave.
They left their families far behind,
An absence they forgave.

They were hookers, vessel-makers;
They were stitchers – here to call
On the sharp-toothed design demon;
They were here to mount its wall.
Tho’ desperate to crush its tyranny,
They weren’t afraid to fall.

There was Maria – rich with passion;
Mical – always full of grace.
And Sara with her sage advice;
Pennie’s charming, sunny face.
Pat brought her upbeat outlook, while
Wanda elbowed for more space.

Armed with knives and paint and paper,
They carved, stamped, drew and traced.
They stenciled, collaged and gessoed,
Despite the demon that they faced.
For good design so ‘oft eludes –
Elements hard to put in place.

The sun went up, the sun went down,
As they toiled both day and night.
And they painted hard and they painted long –
They’d not go down without a fight.
The Harker gang turned every stone,
Until they saw the light.

They tackled value, tone and colour;
Composition, shape and line;
Repetition, variation –
All elements of design.
Tho’ creating from the heart was first;
In this they were aligned.

They left the town one summer day,
As the sky showed off the sun.
They’d tamed the design monster,
And now their work was done.
They’d arrived as six, one cold, fall day,
But now they left as one.

Dedicated to Harker’s Gang:

Rattlesnake Ross
Blackjack Judith
Malady Middaugh
Sneezy Patrizzi
Hopalong Hardwick
Calamity Costuros

And, the leader of the gang – Heck Harker

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  1. Barbara Fox permalink
    August 12, 2013 12:37 am

    Wanda’s poetry is wonderful! And your pictures are great, Gail! The exhibition put on by
    Harker’s Gang showed the amazing work done by the students of the Bellflower group. It was a pleasure to attend…

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