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Inspiration and The Sculptural Form – Guest Blogger Barbara DePirro

July 31, 2013

Art & nature are my obsession; I study everything from seed pods to sea anemones, lichen to sea kelp, tree bark to stone, erosion & mineral deposits. I observe the play of light & shadow, the ripples toying with the surface of water, the undulating texture of the wind in the grass. All of these images wash through me, fueling and stirring my creative process.

Growing up in a family of artists, craftsman, designers, I was exposed to a range of media at a very early age. I’ve always thought in multiple dimensions, so sculpture & installation came naturally. My crocheted interior sculptures & exterior installation work happened simultaneously. Once I began experimenting with forms more just seemed to pour out of me.

As nature creates life cell by cell, I create my sculptures loop by loop, knot by knot, crocheting a solitary strand of fiber into a multifaceted form. The pliable quality of fiber lends itself deliciously to the creation of organic shapes. From this single strand evolves a row, a spiral, one building upon the other, slowly, rhythmically, sprouting into its destined biomorphic form.

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The fiber form is then encapsulated and painted using acrylic. I have developed methods that strengthen and stabilize the structure, plus techniques that alter and enhance the surface. This vast knowledge of acrylics, gained from my connection to Golden has given me this immense resource to pull from, opening up the range of possibilities to combine media in unexpected ways.

The same acrylic techniques developed for my own sculptures can be applied to all types of fiber, textiles and paper, transforming a flat surface into a dimensional form. In my upcoming workshop, ‘The Sculptural Form’, I will generously share all of these techniques, enlightening each artist to new methods & products that can be combined within their own art, enabling them to develop their own unique forms.

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