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Cezanne and Smarties……Guest Blogger – Laura Smith

July 20, 2013

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Richard Box – Impressionistic Landscapes – July 2013
In a rich English baritone, Richard Box presents his Recipe for Painting with just six colours. Through an exercise called Smarties (M&M candies in American English), students experienced blending colors with pencil to create a range from pure hue to neutral grey, referred to as “Hoover dust grey.”
Box learned a great deal from copying a painting by Cezanne, so students learn the painting process by copying one of his landscape paintings. Letting the brush dance to layer the colors in sequence according to the Recipe, he forbids the words “filling in.” “We do not fill in – we paint mindfully.”

On the board in Richard’s elegant calligraphic hand are instructions such as:
“Be comfortable, restful & present.”
“Be positive & respectful about what you do.”

The paintings build layer by layer. Each student’s personal style shows in brush strokes and color emphasis. Dianne, a student, remarks to Richard, “I’m always surprised at the end of a class with you- that I did what I did.”

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  1. Karen N permalink
    July 20, 2013 1:26 pm

    Richard’s approaches to teaching complex ideas in a way that students can successfully apply those ideas is amazing. I was only able to take one of his classes a couple of years ago, but I so enjoy seeing the slides of his current classes! Richard, thanks for coming to Gail’s studio. Please make another trip and I will be there!

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