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Stitching with Hare or Tortoise Setting

February 24, 2013

Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch – Vervain
A group of students from parts of the U.S.A. and Canada joined us –  Gail and June –  at the studio for five days of Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch this past week.   We used sewing machines as a basic tool to learn to draw with the needle. We put these machines and their owners through their paces no matter their machine age or brand name.  Many discoveries were made by owners about what their machines were capable of.  We all had a laugh when one of our members discovered a button on the side of the machine that would allow the machine to stitch at full speed or to slow down to 1/2 speed.  We were  discussing this very subject earlier and she made the comment that her old fashioned machine was certainly not up to that.  Many other discoveries were also made especially about individual machines varying dramatically when it comes to setting tensions or using particular types of threads. At the end of the session people went home with a binder full of student notes and another binder full of their new samples of the techniques worked in class. For many it was also about making new relationships with other like minded artistic people. The next Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch class at our studio begins Sept. 6 to 10th, 2013.

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