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Machine Embroiderers get a Song!!!

March 29, 2012

We have had so many groups to Barn House lately that I’m not able to keep up with them. Writing about them helps me to link them with that special time that they were here for their Experimental Level 1 Machine Stitch course. The Veronicas were here over Valentines’s Day this year and they spent 5 days working on the fundamentals of exerting power and control over their sewing machine. At the end of 5 days, you can ask them about tension and they won’t point to an area on their shoulders but ask whether you mean the bobbin tension or top tension of their sewing machine.

Roses arrived for one of our students and we all enjoyed them

We started the class by painting fabrics to sew on for the session.

A Valentines day red was painted on this fabric

Day 2 we started using the sewing machines and sorting through all of the painted fabric.

Still able to smile towards the end of the week. Wonderful

After a while, you develop a rhythm.

A quartet (only there were 5 men) arrived on the 14th to sing 2 Songs of harmony. These gentlemen - the Anacords are a group from the Barbershop singers from Anacortes. This is a special service that they offer the people in the area every Valentines Day. Beautiful harmony.

It was challenging to get back to the sewing machine after that.

Not to be outdone by 5 men in suits, Don made the ladies chocolate covered strawberries to end the class

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