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Drawing and Painting with Richard Box

March 17, 2012

2012 group For Drawing and Painting for the Terrified

Last week, students came to a class for 5 days to learn how to draw and to paint with internationally famous Richard Box in his class Drawing and Painting for the Petrified.  For some, it was their first experience with colored pencils and watercolors.  Some people wanted a refresher while others were keen to know a new method of working. Richard works with his colored pencils to show students how to mix color with professional expertise. His delicate use of watercolors and his patient ability to communicate this method develops newfound skills for students. He did get 2 days off between classes to see Pike Market and go to the Gaugin exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum before delving into his next class here Picture It in Collage and Stitch.  His classes were so popular that Richard and I are making plans for his next classes at Barn House in July 2013.  He will be featuring Landscapes with Acrylic Paints for the Fearful  July 12 -16 in addition to Landscapes in Collage and Machine Embroidery July 19-22, 2013.  Let us know if you are interested.

Drawing a Still Life

a pencil drawing by Sara J.

drawing by Claudia B.

Drawing boards ready. Go. Lots of demonstrations.

Richard and student chat

Arriving for class

Gail and Richard in the classroom

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