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Pumpkins and Squash – Art in the Country

November 28, 2011

When I was told that a really exciting pumpkin and squash farm,  Gordon Skagit Farms on McLean Road was very close to our Barn in Mount Vernon, Wa.,  I took note.  I love the lumpy, distorted near circular shapes of pumpkins and squashes.  The various oranges and greens are so subtle and often delicate in their coloration.  The color schemes of the small squash are really the most unusual combinations. The pumpkins and squash are displayed in so many different ways.  They take a month to put this display together and are only open for another month in October to sell the little beauties.  Adults and children alike are mesmerized as they walk among the magical pumpkin wonderland – pointing and smiling.   Only an artist could have this vision and be prepared to make it happen.  You will also see the artist’s work in front of and behind some of the pumpkins.  I am putting October in my calendar for next year to visit this place again with my sketchbook and maybe some of our students. I asked Eddie permission to show our bloggers some pictures.  Have a look at their site as well to see even more fabulous pictures.  Did I forget to tell you that they have over 60 heirloom pumpkins/squashes?   Gail

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