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Autumn Sketchbooks …. Guest Bloggers Mary Heath and Liz Axelson

November 9, 2011

In September and October we opened Barn House for our first evening classes.  There were 5 short sessions in all.   What a wonderful exciting group to work with.   They came back to each session with sketchbooks that were brimming full.  Here are a few pix from their classes and the class described in their own words.

The color of Orange is variable

Liz Axelson

Liz Axelson

Our sketchbook class given by Gail has been a joy to attend. The atmosphere was welcoming and we learned so much under Gail’s excellent tutoring. No pressure and lots of encouragement helped me to learn a freer way of working with colour, shape, and line. I would recommend this class to anyone who likes to play with paint and colour!

Yvonne Jensen

I find a sketchbook the best fit for me as I explore drawing and painting again after many years of being too busy with other things.  A sketchbook suits me since it’s personal, not a finished product, a sort of snapshot of mindfulness.  Mary

Mary Heath

Mary Heath

  Our class was both fun and liberating–color galore, design and line experiments, collage and print trials. The collaborative spirit of the class made it easy for us to learn from each other. Gail’s examples and modeling opened my eyes to so many new ways to capture what I see or imagine. I left our class inspired to carry on, as proven by a dining room table now covered with drying fireweed tops, licheny branches, warty gourds, piles of painted paper and a thickening sketchbook.  Mary


Elle Romick


Elle Romick

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  1. November 9, 2011 4:52 pm

    I love that you’re doing a blog on sketchbooking! Great Idea!

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