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Layers of Paper, Paint and Learning – Guest Blogger – Marny Stevenson

September 30, 2011





Copyright artwork: Marny Stevenson.  Marny  exhibited her design work from Level Three Studies in Art and Design  at the center last weekend with the Periwinkles.

I am a stitcher, most especially a machine stitcher. So imagine my surprise when I discovered how much I love paper and paint! Well, it wasn’t love at first sight, that’s for sure. But I love colour most of all and so I was able to transition from fabric dyes to all the beautiful Golden colours without too much difficulty. And the discovery of how the colours move about the different papers was so very exciting. Then adding texture with the various mediums to which Gail introduced us added another layer (pardon the pun!) to my learning. I will admit that I came kicking and screaming to collage…..but I love layering fabrics, so why not paper? And presto….I was in love again!

By now, oh my gosh, my paper stash was getting out of control! And so it came time to work on a theme. Loving colour and texture, it was easy to find both in abundance in gardens, and so my theme, which started with roses, sort of morphed into all things botanical, with as much of an emphasis on flowers, particularly roses, as possible. But ultimately, as I said, I am a stitcher and Gail kindly indulged my passion by letting me add fabric and stitch to a number of my pieces. Somehow, they didn’t feel finished untilI was able to add that extra layer! The final session, culminating in our exhibition at Gail’s wonderful new building, in such a beautiful location, was another learning experience and provided closure to all our hard work. It was such a delight to meet and speak with visitors about our various pieces and everyone was so gracious. The only difficult part was saying goodbye to my classmates who have become such good friends over the course of our studies. These past two years have been an exciting journey and now I am very much looking forward to translating my paint and paper ideas onto fabric and into stitch.Level Three Stitch starts soon….I can’t wait!

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  1. October 1, 2011 3:10 am

    Marnie, Loved seeing your work on line… your color and lines are inspiring. bj

  2. October 3, 2011 9:31 pm

    It was great to see your exhibit Marny! Thanks for the encouragement too!!

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