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My Impressions of Buildings, Grids and Structures – Guest Blogger – B.J. Arnold

September 27, 2011

All artwork copyright B.J. Arnold.   B.J. completedLevel 3 Studies in Art and Design recently at the Center.

  Developing work from a theme has been a challenge.  I like the grids and shapes from architecture, lines, square and circles.   I began with a theme of circles… experimenting with dots, spirals, grid shapes made of circles and dots, developing to spirals.  I worked in values of black to white.  Upon completion of this study I was beginning to feel starved for color.  So I turned to the works and life of Paul Klee.  From this I became inspired and let loose.  I began to play and experiment even more.   Dipping into my hand made painted paper supply I began to collage and paint my impressions of buildings, grids, and structure.  I played with colors that I normally stayed away from resulting in the emergence of a a completely different body of work  of which I am extremely pleased.   I shall continue along this line of painting, collaging and playing with shapes and color and who knows maybe I will be inspired to translate what I have been doing into stitch.   What fun!    B.J.

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  1. Lexa permalink
    September 29, 2011 3:13 am

    I find your work inspirational BJ. The colours speak to me and give me hope for my attempts at collage.

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