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Confident in My Artistic Expression

September 14, 2011

Periwinkle students arriving from Canada and United States for their last week of the Art and Design course.


Everybody is bringing completed design work and sketchbooks and will prepare for the exhibition at Barn House.


We go up to the third floor of the Barn to see lots of different embroidered artwork and multimedia. There is another group of students who are also exhibiting this weekend. There are 18 past and present students who will show their work in addition to the Periwnkles design group. I'm talking to them about how to prepare and pack embroidered and multimedia artwork for an exhibition.


Kori and Sydney have come in to the studio to catalogue the exhibition before it is hung. They are standing next to Sandy Little's embroidered Gargoyle.


in the classroom cutting mat boards.


Yarina Moss copyright - multimedia inspired from African studies

Here is Jarina’s statement about the course:

Program statement, Periwinkles, Level 3 Art and Design.

Jarina Moss

I entered Gail’s program with the expectation of becoming familiar with the elements and principles of design. I wanted to know and understand why some of my paintings work and others do not. I wanted to gain language that would allow me to analyze my paintings as well and help me appreciate art in general from the point of view of design. In Gail’s curriculum, the design elements and their organization was interwoven into segments of instructions, exploring various themes, techniques and design strategies.

What did I learn from this course? Before I took this course, I just followed my intuition in creating my paintings and could not really analyze them. Now, I can recognize what are the elements that I am using and emphasizing and I am more aware of the relationships formed by the elements. While I still enjoy working from spontaneous outflow of color and shapes, I am able to more deliberately make decisions about what it is that I want to express. I still would like to know more about composition, but I sense that I will be able to gain that confidence as I study and practice art in the future.

In the process of the various techniques and exercises, I got to really enjoy working with pen and ink in studying historical patterns and inventing my own. Line became my favorite element, followed by color. Abstracting from nature is something I want to continue to develop. There were many segments of teaching that I enjoyed. My least favorite parts involved stencil designing and making, textural exercises using various gels and papers. Collages were not my favorite either, but I can see myself apply some of

my knowledge I gained in this course toward exploring them in greater depth in the future. I also appreciated exploring mixed media. Utilizing pen, colored pencils, crayons to incorporate into a piece of art to embellish it, to emphasize or just have fun with it.

I selected a tree as my theme for this course. I love the lines of tree branches. I am surrounded by trees where I live. Their shapes are deeply imprinted in my consciousness.

In reviewing my two years in this course, I do believe I have received more then what I have expected. Besides instructions and feedback from Gail, I have come to value the company of the other students and their varied creativity from mine. I loved the differences with which we each approached the exercises. I was exposed to such a breadth of interpretations and approaches. I feel more confident in my expression and I am looking forward to discovering where my creativity will take me in the future.

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  1. September 19, 2011 4:47 am

    Just returned home to Victoria from a great weekend at the studio. I love the new space at Barn House and can’t wait for my 1st class in 2 weeks. The Exhibition was so inspiring. The Periwinkles did a fabulous job of their work and the displays. I’m in the Art and Design class that is on now, and was excited to see where we will be in another year. Also really enjoyed the exhibition by former and current students of the Center. While I have previously seen some of the pieces, it was inspiring and intimidating all at once to see so many different works of art. Thanks to all of the students in the exhibitions and all those who helped with the preparation. Check out the upcoming online Color Course.

  2. August 14, 2012 7:43 pm

    Jarina, is your art piece painted or quilted. Paper, fabric or canvas. I think it is really beautiful and interesting. Pat brookes

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