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Summer Days – Level 4 Research for Design – Sapphires

July 30, 2011

The Research for Design group – Sapphires met and worked at  Barn House for five days for their sixth session.  The weather was warm.  The photo shows potatoes in the fields across from our center  in bloom with mauve blossoms and the Cascades in the distance. 

The ladies brought some champagne for a celebratory toast to their first session at Barn House.

Each of the group is developing individual themes for their research.  This session they are focusing on the creation of their large scale item that is approximately 36inches.  Lots of paint and acrylic media are being used.

Alba’s theme is based on the color, shape and pattern study of flowers in a garden.  She is painting a canvas with acrylic in preparation for a collage.

Students develop a number of sketchbooks and original designs for the course.  Jill’s handmade sketchbook displays flower colors and patterns.

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  1. Lexa permalink
    July 31, 2011 1:09 am

    Looks an elegant luncheon, champagne no less! The place looks better every picture I see. Roll on October…Does anyone miss the hair raising left turn onto the road at the end of the day???

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