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One Week at Two Studios

June 29, 2011

It’s quite a challenge to pack up a 6000 sq. ft. studio and move it to another location.  It has taken organization and just plain hard work.  Especially as the work had to be staged between classes.  The Topaze were the last group to have a class (session 5 of 8 ) in Oak Harbor.  Thursday is our last day here at the studio in Oak Harbor.  We have personally packed 500+ boxes. Now we are making sure that the server is moved to the new location and connected so we have access to you once again.  Hopefully without hiccup.  Everybody has done a share of the work including some of our students.  Don, Sabrina, and I have been working on this move for 3 weeks. Lisa, Bobbi and Nick have joined us regularly to help with the myriad of tasks that have to be done in a move of this scale.

Barbara Gilbert packs up ready to go back home to Canada after delivering 9 tables to the Barn Studio in La Conner.

Nick and Don are removing the folding door to install at the new studio.

Bobbi is our detail person. She has looked after the student artwork, carefully packed it away and removed it to a safe place. She has packed a multitude of boxes, co-ordinated the movers, patched up scrapes on the walls and painted as well as undertaking cleaning the old studio. There is nothing she won’t do.

Placing new ceiling tiles and lights at the new studio in La Conner

Lisa ( left) and Gail (right) take time out for the last picture in front of the Oak Harbor studio. Lisa will continue to do special jobs for us but will not be making the commute on a regular basis. Look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in La Conner. Gail

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  1. Nancy Piepenbring permalink
    June 30, 2011 2:55 pm

    I wish I could be there to help. You and Don are wonderful people. Your willingness to boldly face life’s challenges is a wonderful example for those who know you. Thanks for working so hard to provide such an inspirational place to study art and design.

    with love, Nancy Piepenbring

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