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Recycled Materials for Art – Guest Blogger Mary-Ann Acutt

June 26, 2011

Mary-Ann is a graduate of Level 4 Diploma in Experimental Research for Advanced Design (Rubies). The object of my research on this course was to explore shapes of vases and jugs, then recreate the variety of surfaces that those vessels revealed. I started studying Dale Chihuly, then became interested in the work of one of his students, William Morris. His work is blown glass that is more reminiscent of pottery with primitive motifs on textured and crackled glass.

I like to use found materials that have no apparent connection to the work I am doing. My curiosity gets the best of me when I try to imagine what could happen. It seems more challenging to use them successfully than when buying for a particular purpose. My Dad always collected things-like twines from bales and then braided the twine into rugs. Maybe that’s where I inherited my inquisitiveness of found materials.

I used many found materials such as mylar, plastics, aluminum foil, metallic papers, gift wrapping and recycled materials from a print shop. I experimented by adding paints, inks and other such things. I layered materials by bonding, cutting with a soldering iron and burning with a heat gun and managed to get crackling, shiny, glitzy unexpected effects. I got lots of textures and really liked the unusual effects that worked so well with my studies.

closeup of paper texture

Pages from Mary-Ann's Research Presentation

Now that I am in the Advanced Stitched Course I am working with similar materials and methods in addition to fabrics and threads to create stitched pieces. Visit my exhibition June 2012

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  1. July 30, 2011 8:41 am

    You have such great skills. And you even used recycled materials for making your artworks. Great blog!

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