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The Art of Picking Berries and Drying Fish in the Arctic – Guest Blogger Sheila Bull

June 13, 2011

Sheila Bull has a Level 3 Certificate in Art and Design (the Trilliums).  Today’s blog is about her interpretation of  the Arctic designed for a hand-made book.  

My 6 years in the Canadian Arctic was the inspiration for my book.  I took images that were familiar to me such as the vast landscape of ice and snow during the winters.

The Aurora Borealis and the tundra in the fall were spectacular and leave a lasting impression.

During the summer season, images that remain on my mind worked their way into the design of my book – drying fish at a fish camp, or the old Indian custom of picking berries but being unwilling to gamble them away after spending a day picking. See images below of fish scales on the left and berries on the right.

Most of all, who could ever forget the mosquitoes?  In Aklavik, I could not go for a walk during mosquito season with my 5-year-old son, as he could not swat fast enough with the evergreen branches we carried to keep them off him.  The swarms as seen on the front cover below are indescribable, hence the cover of my book.

As the landscape is vast and the sky is large, I chose to make the book in a horizontal shape.

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