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Design – A Visual Journey

June 9, 2011

Design work of our Level 3 students of Art and Design is featured in today’s blog. It is always interesting and often surprising where students find inspiration for their course work.  Many people think they can not design before they start this course. They are frequently amazed and thrilled when they discover that it is a skill that they can achieve.  The new Level 3 Art and Design course begins in October.  A full description of the course can be found in the brochure, and there is more student work featured in the visual description.

Designing with black, white and gray can be as exciting as working with color. Jean McCracken plays with value while exploring shapes and patterns she sees around her sewing table.


A working sketchbook becomes an important part of the life of this course. Christine Mahoney uses hers to work out design ideas, as well as keep documentation about media and processes.


Texture is created by using a variety of different acrylic media including gels, pastes, gesso and many others. A favorite method of expression is collage, and Karen Faylor's flowers demonstrate visual as well as physical texture.


The course often concludes with an Exhibition or Open Studio weekend. Charlotte deRenne shows her presentations. which include hand-made books and story/design boards.

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