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Celestial Musings- Guest Blogger Linda Counsell

June 7, 2011

Linda holds a Level 3 Certificate in Art and Design (the Morning Glories), and she speaks about the inspiration for one of her hand-made books.

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In reflecting back, I chose the theme of The Cosmos because of the remarkable deep space images which are now available via probes and satellites.  They are incredibly beautiful and mysterious and to date represent only a minute segment of the universe that man has been able to investigate.  In the same way that we are unlikely as a species to ever reach the end of our quest for a complete understanding of the universe, we are unlikely to entirely tap the creative capacity of human intelligence.  This is what keeps things fresh and interesting for us as artists and what makes our work such an individual effort.  I don’t know how many times I either heard it said or said it myself after one of Gail’s exercises had been completed by the group, ‘We were all given exactly the same brief and look what we’ve come up with!’  Many members of our fibre art group on Salt Spring Island have done courses with Gail.  We continue to draw on those resources to create new work, which we will exhibit at Artspring later this year.

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  1. Carol Burrows permalink
    June 8, 2011 4:23 pm

    Linda, Thank you for sharing your amazing work. It reminded of an artists display that I recently saw in Quito. The Incas held the universe as sacred and there was an interpretation of their universe painted in a museum. Very beautiful and similar to your work.

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