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The Art of Playing

May 24, 2011

Play Piece Flower with hand and machine Gail Harker

The spontaneous act of playing is often difficult for adults entering the arts after a lifetime of successful careers.  We have learned to excel at linear thinking. After all, everyone wants a formula or a specific answer for the best results. That is not to say that linear thinking doesn’t come into the process of making art but is not the only requirement for making art. Being playful encourages the ability to look, plan and make decisions along the way and to visually respond to each step in order to reach a result.  Being playful helps to stretch your creativity in ways that can’t be measured.

The Calypsos, a Level Three Experimental Design and Stitch group, were at the studio last week.  They were near the end of creating a three dimensional item and had all worked hard to finalize their pieces. In contrast to this disciplined manner of working, they enjoyed a week of play with appliqué, collage, and lace using the sewing machine and paint to make samples for a machine sketchbook.  This photo shows students’ treasure trove of materials while working at the studio. We missed you, Sue.

Isabel Parker plays with free machine images


Gail's demonstration of lace and paper at play with each other


Free machining with dimensionality - Gail Harker

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  1. Sue Sehr permalink
    May 24, 2011 3:20 am

    I have missed all of you and will see all of you in Aug.

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