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Geometric Patterns and Glorious Color – Guest Blogger – Jill Taylor

May 2, 2011

© Jill Taylor

Colour, line, shape, repetition, dominance, balance, value, texture, pattern.  These words and others are all part of the design vocabulary that have become part of my creative life.

© Jill Taylor

The theories applied to colour and design fascinate me, because studying them means I can start to understand why some things work and some things are stunning.  In my own work, they help me analyze why things may not yet be the way I see them in my mind.  They become part of the tool kit that helps me get an idea out of my head and on to page and into fibre.

© Jill Taylor

These pages are from a handmade book I created for my Level III Art & Design course.  They were inspired by the traditional dress of the hill tribes in Indo-China.  Indigo dominates many of their textiles, but the geometric borders add waves of glorious colour in every combination.  The challenge was to capture the joyful  mood of their colourful costumes, distilling their essence in a way that balanced the dominant indigo with the repetition of line, shape and colour.  I still smile when I turn the pages.

© Jill Taylor

© Jill Taylor

© Jill Taylor

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  1. Kirsten Chursinoff permalink
    May 10, 2011 7:26 pm

    Wonderful to see what you’re working on Jill!

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