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Materiality: The Workshop – Guest Blogger Barbara DePirro

April 26, 2011

No matter where your inspiration lies understanding your materials
is the key to creating those surfaces and textures
you are most drawn to.
Think of the possibilities….

...the glow of color on a delicate petal...

...wrinkled and ruptured surface of bark stained with color...

...rippled, pebbly textured leaves of lichen...

...concrete discolored with signs of erosion...

...weathered paint revealing the layers of time...

Bringing acrylic into the mix can open the door to extraordinary possibilities!  With such a vast array of products to choose from, there are so many questions,…before you even begin. Which products are transparent, translucent or opaque? Which are porous, semi-porous or non-porous? Which creates what type of texture, subtle or extreme,
thick or thin, gritty or smooth? Will the surface be rigid or flexible, soft or hard? Which can be combined with mixed media, fiber, paper, found objects? Can different products be combined with each other  or on the surface?

‘Materiality: acrylic & mixed media’
will answer all these questions
and so many more.

There are still a few seats left.  Click here for more information.

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