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From Digital Prints to Stitched Art

April 26, 2011

Birch Trees © Marie Plakos

Every so often we offer From Digital Prints to Stitched Art, a short special interest course in which we work with original photographs to translate into a stitched piece.  Digital printing on  fabric is not a new technique, but the quality of print has greatly increased in recent years and provides endless possibilities.  

Neighbor’s Vegetables © Gail Harker

 Small samples are worked within class and careful attention is paid to composition. The color and size of threads used can make a great difference to the mood of the piece.

© Pat Ross

Enhancing existing images through the use of sheer fabric layers can improve the quality of depth. Textures come alive through the use of thoughtfully placed stitches.

Lichen © Lynda Williamson

The repetition of shapes from within the original print can create interest and dimension. To learn more about this course, next being offered 24 – 26 May 2011 view our Expanded Course Description, recently placed on our website. 

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