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Going Big – Guest Blogger Gwen Lowery

April 21, 2011
Gwen holds a City & Guilds Diploma in Design and Embroidery from the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center. She speaks about recent changes in her work, made possible by the wonders of modern technology.

Mussel Colony, © Gwen Lowery. The texture created by sewing and the reflective qualities of the threads adds dimension to the piece, making it more interesting. Plus, threads allow me to create the gradients of colors that I love but can never create as well with paint.

 I was lucky enough to get into one of Gail’s first classes when she came from England to teach here. Since my background is not art, it was like a whole new world opened for me. In the 15 years since I started classes, I’ve grown a lot but also floundered with all the possibilities. Suddenly, I’ve figured out what I want to do with my art. I need to go big! And I finally have the tool to do it with a long-arm sewing machine.

My inspirations come from manifestations of energy in the physical world – hot gasses swirling and exploding on the sun, the explosive energy in a storm, the calmer yet powerful light at sunrise and sunset, even the shape of a mussel colony or the pattern in a flower.

Below are two interpretations of a solar flare, with similar designs but different colors. The first is more about the swirling gasses; the second is about the molten surface. They are both created with heat-treated nylon and poly organza, stitched to painted canvas.

© Gwen Lowery


© Gwen Lowery

 Sometimes the colors used are explosive but the subject matter is not, such as in Mussel Colony, pictured at the top of this post. This is solid machine embroidery on painted canvas, 28″ x 42″.

I plan to continue growing my art, creating pieces that will truly take over your walls!

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  1. Liz Cooper permalink
    April 22, 2011 3:18 am

    I love these pieces. I saw your diploma show and you have really moved on, it is a delight to see the growth and change in your work.
    Good job.

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