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Paris – Need I Say More? – Guest Blogger Chris Goldburn

April 14, 2011

The vaulted ceiling of one of Paris many Gothic cathedrals of stone. ©Chris Goldburn

I recently lived for three months in Paris, and much of my time was spent absorbing its incredible wealth of culture and art. The riches of the city include not only its many museums and galleries – every corner and window display contains something appealing to the eye.  The French seem to live with and seek out beauty in all things, whether it be a fountain, flower pot or shop window.  They make the time to appreciate all the pleasures that life has to offer, and they are tremendously proud of their ‘patrimonie’. 
We had the time to visit and digest a wide range of exhibits and monuments, including the largest ever show of Monet’s paintings; retrospectives of fashion during the 1990’s and of Yves St Laurent’s work in the 1960’s; a special showing of the traditional clothing of the women of the Middle East; one of the best textile museums in the world and all its treasures; several of the world’s greatest cathedrals, whose stonemasons turned stone into lace; a wondrous night-time concert in La-Ste-Chapelle; and a fascinating exhibit of artists’ own travel journals. 

Stunning tapestries were among the many beautiful things at the renowned Cluny Museum. ©Chris Goldburn

Learning the everyday rhythms of the city and its people was perhaps the best experience of all, and transformed us from tourists to citizens.  I collected enough impressions and images to last and inspire me for a lifetime, but I’m also sure I’ll be repeating the experience again.

We happened upon a special exhibit of African art. ©Chris Goldburn

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  1. Leslie B. permalink
    April 17, 2011 8:50 pm

    Chris, as I HUGE fan of images and architecture employed in historic stonework and medieval tapestries, I enjoyed your blog entry. Would enjoy seeing any of your work inspired by your stay in Paris.

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