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A Heavenly Bed of Fiber – guest blogger Valerie Stein

March 31, 2011

The concept of designing handmade felt as a ground for stitch holds many possibilities.  Its versatility, from a feather-light web of fibers for layering, to a lovely pebbly surface on which to lay hand or machine stitches, has great promise for the embroiderer.

I recently taught a delightful session on felt for stitch to one of Gail’s Diploma classes at the Creative Studies Center. We explored a few techniques for creating felts from different breeds of sheep, highlighting their unique characteristics for different purposes.  Our time together culminated with a brief exploration of simple three-dimensional forms to take their expression one step further.

It is a joy for me to help students gain techniques they can apply to their personal explorations in art and design.  The overview of feltmaking I provided for this group is only a drop in the bucket, and made me look forward to my next teaching adventure, Level 1 Feltmaking.      

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  1. April 4, 2011 11:11 am

    Hey… I remember when you gave me my first lesson in Felting… now I am passing it on… just wish we had sheep down here… no wool in Florida to be found…. Love these photos –

    Gail needs to set up a Florida school. It can be a warm and sunny Winter retreat for artists… we have lots of Brits that come here… Lots of stitchers that have no where to go…..


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