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Paper Flowers Exhibition – Guest Blogger Katharine Briller

March 12, 2011

A storyboard that displays some working ideas on my theme.

As I was trying to decide what theme to use for this project, a friend sent me an email about a recent National Geographic article on the amazing artistic collections of objects that the various species of bowerbirds design. I instantly realized  I had found my subject! I noticed bowerbirds are beautiful birds themselves, but that is not enough for them-they may even be artists. I also noticed they all had a crazy, obsessed look in their eyes, and I tried to convey that nuttiness by varying my stitches and materials as much as I could.

 Bowerbirds are related to catbirds and live only in the New Guinea/Australia region. They have an extraordinary mating ritual consisting of the males making vast nests adorned with amazing collections of objects that they feel will attract the females. The objects can range from colorful flowers to shells to shiny metal trash, and vary not only from family to family but among individual birds.  The collections can eventually add up to hundreds of items carefully arranged in several groups by color or shape and size. It has been seriously discussed whether bowerbirds may be not just following an instinct but actually creating art, as they seem to deliberately choose and display objects each bird likes and hopes their very discerning critics, the females, will enjoy as well!

The pages from my book, The Bowerbird's Book of Love

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  1. Charlene permalink
    March 23, 2011 4:10 pm

    Your colors are beautiful and I hope your book is still there when I get up there in April.
    I am looking forward to seeing your work in person. Great Job lots of work I know!

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