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Planning an Exhibition

March 3, 2011

This week, we have the Paper Flowers, a Level 2 course in Design and Experimental Hand Stitch.  This is their exhibition week, and we thought we would share with you what goes on behind the scenes, through the photographs of exhibitor Leslie Barnes.

Exhibition week begins at home, as the students pack their cars with everything they might need to finish their course work, as well as every scrap of work they have collected over the 2 years of classes and any papers, fabrics, and art materials that will help them prepare their final presentations.  Excitement begins to build as they see the results of all of their hard work collected into one place.

By this time, students have developed quite a stash of materials, and you never know what you might need.

In addition to the eye candy that hangs upon the walls, there is a multitude of beautiful snippets collected in binders - studies, sketches, small samples, resources.

Though the exhibition is on the near horizon, this is still a week of class work, and tutorials take place throughout the days leading up to the weekend as students complete work and begin to look at layouts for their areas.

Tutor Gail Harker and Assistant Penny Peters work with Kate Briller during a tutorial session.

While presentation techniques are explored during the course work, many pieces of work are in an unfinished state.  It can sometimes be surprising how that seemingly insignificant little sample that was done a year ago suddenly shines with a little tidying of the edges and the right color of paper behind it.

As Lynda Williamson demonstrates, there is plenty to do when it is not your turn for tutorials.

As the layouts are completed and the walls are hung, the whole show really pulls together.  If you are in the neighborhood and able to treat yourself to a visit, be sure to look through all of the sketchbooks and back-up work.  They are as wonderful and interesting as the gems hanging on the walls.

Gail and Penny help Anne Brooks-Middleton experiment with different layouts and color schemes for her wall.

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