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A Resource of Machined Possibilities

March 1, 2011

Gail, with students of the Level 1 Certificate in Experimental Machine Stitch course.

Students see fabrics as a source of imaginative artistic possibility in Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch. Every type of fabric has a unique quality that lends itself to particular techniques.

A burned back machine sample by Gail.

Understanding the characteristics of the fabrics, the machine and threads is as important to a textile artist as wood and its qualities are to a woodworking artist.

Ann works at the sewing machine on one of the course samples.

The class at the studio this week completed a portfolio of fourteen machine embroidered samples. Each sample featured a new technique or patterned effect.

Clockwise from top left: Gail Harker, Ann Beale, Nancy Scagliotti, Charlene Rankin

The pieces shown are stitched with an organic grid-like pattern. A heat gun was used to melt back some of the top nylon fabric. The line patterns made with machine stitches and burning reminded people of ancient patterns or some organic natural movement.

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