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Guest Blogger – Jarina Moss

December 3, 2010

I am currently enrolled in a Level 3 Art and Design class. I took the class to gain more insight into the creative process.  I am primarily a watercolorist.  I like to work from imagination and Gail’s guidance is good for me. I pay more attention to seeing the world around me and use it as a reference for my creative work.  I also wanted to learn more about designing a composition.

Ghost Blueberries 11-5-10

I am slowly beginning to understand what Gail is teaching us. To provide an outlet for my need to spontaneously put down something without thinking in advance what it is that I want to paint or draw, I started a discipline of making a 3×3 inch picture everyday in 8×5 Moleskine watercolor sketch book. The paper is of good quality, allowing watercolor application to both sides of the paper. It buckles minimally and the surface is lightly textured, allowing pen and ink drawings as well as use of marker pens and colored pencils.

Even stumps have consciousness . . . very likely. 8-8-10

I find this discipline to fuel my creativity and to help me assimilate the new ideas and exercises that Gail abundantly offers us. I consider this to be the “art of uncensored doodling”. It takes me between five minutes to thirty minutes to complete each day’s picture. As I am finishing my first sketchbook, I have 144 miscellaneous ideas, color studies, line designs, small compositions, etc.

Sunny notes 10-10-10

Anticipating yellow leaves to come . . . 10-4-10

This little sketchbook is becoming a nice source book of its own. I love looking through it and recognize how what I am learning is showing through as I play with these little pictures.  I definitely will continue with this daily exercise as it provides a nice balance for me between the structured and unstructured creativity I seem to delight in.

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  1. December 6, 2010 7:08 pm

    Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this. I especially love knowing that these are tiny! So much to look at packed in a 3×3 inch square.

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