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Advanced Design – Block Printing

September 21, 2010

Claire and Alba using the proof press to make a print.

Every 3 months a group of students come from Canada and different points in the States for a 5 day work session.  This is the 3rd of 8 planned sessions.  Each student has chosen a design theme that travels through all of the practical work that is done.  This time they are designing images that are based on line and shape so they can carve a rubber block for printing.  The process takes longer than they thought; a day of design and then almost a day of carving.  The blocks are large – some 9 x 14 inches – and the cuts are intricate. We have an old proof press at the studio that is used to print their designs.  First they ink up the block. Then they place it on the press to take a print.  Everybody is jubilant as the printed papers are lifted from the surface. The students see that the time spent was worth the effort.

Jill is carving a dragon on her block.

Claire's print. Her theme is based on architecture.

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