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Guest Blogger – Kevin Shinn

August 3, 2010

Kevin Shinn was here for a 4-day sketchbook class. A writer and poet, he created some interesting imagery to go with his thoughts, which he would like to share with you.


Starting with an image, a cute little frog, iPhone Googled while in class. Frog quickly morphed into dark creature, now all too familiar. While he may seem sinister, gaze deeply into his eyes, notice a glint of humor, a glimmer of mischievousness. Begotten of a troubled mind, it became. It is…

Dark Christmas, Bright Christmas

The dueling orbs of Christmas…
Dark and sinister, the bigger’s tendrils seek to smother…
Brighter and positive, the smaller exhorts optimism…
Brightness shall prevail…
Christmas shall be…
Christmas is…

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